ISO 14001:2015 • In-Person Workshop

Understanding ISO 14001:2015 EMS

ISO 14001:2015 is recognized worldwide as a preferred methodology for reducing environmental hazards, maintaining regulatory compliance and as a cost-saving vehicle.

This two-day training workshop is designed to provide you with basic knowledge and a degree of comfort with ISO 14001:2015. This course covers key environmental management concepts, such as aspects and impact identification and setting objectives and targets. This course prepares you for implementation ISO 14001:2015 by examining it clause by clause, helping you to achieve an in-depth understanding of the standard requirements.

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2 Days



Learning Objectives

  • Apply ISO 14001:2015 to different organizations
  • Apply the ISO 14001:2015 clauses and relate the clauses to the intent of the standard
  • Create a basic non-business model or metaphor for elements of the standard – something that has inputs, transformations and outputs as any business would have
  • Identify aspects and targets
  • Prepare an implementation strategy

Who Should Attend

Any member of the organizations ISO 14001 implementation team, and representatives from key functional groups involved in the organization's environmental management system.