FMEA & Cost of Quality (COQ) Analysis Live Virtual Training

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In this Live Virtual session participants will learn to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their current Process FMEA through connection to the Cost of Quality (COQ). Using the FMEA & Cost of Quality (COQ) Analysis Tool™ participants will assess the feasibility of future risk mitigation efforts from a cost perspective.

Course Details


2 - 3 hours

Delivery Details

Join the Live Virtual session through Zoom conferencing technology for in-depth and interactive learning with technocal experts from Plexus International.

Learning Objectives

  • Measure PFMEA effectiveness, efficiency, and linkage to the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) 
  • Use the FMEA & Cost of Quality (COQ) Analysis ToolTM to determine feasibility of risk mitigation efforts 

Who Should Attend

Recommended for Core Process FMEA Team to include process/manufacturing engineers, ergonomic engineers, process validation engineers, quality/reliability engineers, project managers, FMEA moderators/facilitators, auditors, and other roles with a background and experience with AIAG Process FMEA. 


  • Cost of Quality fundamentals 
  • Measuring Process FMEA effectiveness and efficiency 
  • FMEA linkage to Cost of Poor Quality 
  • How to use the FMEA & Cost of Quality (COQ) Analysis Tool™  
  • Case study review: Evaluating a risk mitigation initiative 
  • Mini pilot project assignment 


Participants will receive a digital learner package with electronic hand-outs, worksheets, and templates that will be used throughout the course.  For this Live Virtual Training workshop you will need the FMEA & Cost of Quality (COQ) Analysis Tool™. You can download the tool here.