7 Things to Consider Before Implementing a New Management System

October 5, 2018

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Before implementing a new quality management system within your organization, there are important things to take into consideration. Below is a 7-step recommended action plan for any organization seeking certification to a new standard.

  • Ensure your senior management is on board.
    Commitment is key. It is crucial that everyone is supportive of the initiative and its objectives.
  • Define your objectives.
    Why do you want to implement the standard? What is the desired outcome you hope to achieve?
  • Identify your organization’s processes.
    What are your external (COP, core, main, or key) processes? What management and support processes are needed? Who is responsible? How is each process measured? Adequately answering these questions is critical for meeting your objectives and the needs of your customers. It is also important to consider the identification of relevant legislation (statutory or regulatory).
  • Perform a QMS gap analysis.
    Perform a in-depth check of your current system against the standard requirements. This is critical to identifying the areas that need more work, before proceeding to a formal third party assessment.
  • Develop your implementation plan.
    Based on the results of the gap analysis, develop an implementation plan specific to your organization.
  • Educate your team.
    Provide appropriate training for all individuals involved in implementing the standard (company-wide awareness, leadership, management, team leaders, team members, and auditors/assessors).
  • Implement and update your system.
    Now it’s time to close the gap. Update your system and document all relevant changes/corrective action taken by your organization to meet the standard requirements.
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