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9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Requirements Training and Examination Bundle

This online training and examination bundle is required for all Authenticated Auditors (AAs) and Authenticated Experienced Auditors (AEAs) in the IAQG ICOP scheme, and covers the changes in 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022 from an auditor point of view.

This bundle includes online training (estimated duration: three to four hours, self-paced) and an online one-hour final examination proctored remotely using your webcam and microphone.  
This bundle also includes an additional OCAP and PBS/RP Application training module that will be released at a later time and provided to all purchasers at no additional cost.  More details about this additional training will be provided in due course.
Languages available now: English
Languages planned to be available later:  Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish.

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Course Details


Estimated duration: three to four hours (self-paced) and an online one-hour final examination


To purchase this training, you must log into your existing IAQG Training account.  You must have completed one of the following requirements:
  • successful completion of the 9100:2016 Delta Training program, OR
  • successful completion of the IAQG 9100:2016 AATT Training and Final Examination (since its release in October 2017).
Otherwise, you must first successfully complete the 9100:2016 AATT (including passing any retakes) prior to purchasing this training bundle.
In addition, the language on your AATT account must match one of the languages currently available for this program.  Additional languages will be added as soon as translations of both the standard and this training/examination are complete.

Program Overview

9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Requirements Training

This self-paced online training module covers information existing IAQG Authenticated Auditors (AAs) and Authenticated Experienced Auditors (AEAs) need to understand the changes in the updated 9104-1 and 9101 standards.  The training includes untimed quiz activities that provide feedback on retention of key learning points.  Primary learning objectives include:
  • Understanding the reasons and goals behind the changes to the 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022 standards.
  • Awareness of the baseline references IAQG expects all stakeholders to understand (e.g., ISO 19011, ISO/IEC 17201-1, IATF MD 1/2/4/5/11, etc.).
  • Applying the Organization Certification Analysis Process (OCAP) to determine the correct and appropriate audit program details and audit time for a given organization/client.
  • Understanding the criteria/requirements of the Process Based Surveillance / Recertification Process (PBS/RP) and the situations that require process adjustments.
  • Understanding what is permissible regarding the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in an audit, including the concept of virtual sites.
  • Understanding the requirements for Integrated Management Systems (IMS) of multiple AQMS standards and how this impacts audit duration/time calculations.
  • Recognizing the importance IAQG places on ethical behavior and how this is reinforced throughout the standards and in the industry.
  • Recognizing the role the IAQG OASIS® database plays on the audit process and the auditor's responsibility for data entry accuracy.
  • Understanding the changes to the information gathered in the Stage 1 Audit and how this is recorded on the updated Stage 1 Audit Report (Form 1)
  • Understanding the other changes made to the audit process and the information collected on 9101 Forms, and other auditor-related changes in 9104-1.
9104-1:2022 / 9101:2022 Delta Final Examination
This one-hour, 30-question multiple-choice online examination focuses on the changes in 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022, aligned with the learning objectives discussed in the related Requirements Training module.  Although you may not use printed reference materials while taking this exam, you can access the 9104-1 and 9101 standards at any time during the examination using the website's Standard Explorer feature.  This examination is proctored using Remote Proctor technology, requiring use of your webcam and microphone, and is subject to your acceptance of the Remote Proctor Usage Agreement.
NOTE: You may take the exam at any time that is convenient for you; it does not need to be scheduled.  However, you will have a limited number of entry attempts to the exam and once started the exam must be completed promptly.  You may not take long/extended breaks or purposefully leave the exam once you start the timed section.  If you leave the exam too many times, you will need to contact the IAQG Support Team to request re-entry.  Excessive access attempts to the examination module may result in additional review and could disqualify your examination attempt.
OCAP and PSB/RP Online Application Training
This supplemental online training module provides practical hands-on experience for performing OCAP in realistic audit scenarios and verifying an organization's initial and ongoing qualification to PBS/RP, including examples of how to fill out the necessary forms/data in the IAQG OASIS v3 database.
NOTE: This additional module is included in the bundle price, but will be made available at a later time to all purchasers at no additional charge.  More information about availability will be provided in due course.

Who Should Attend

According to ICOT Supplemental Rule 004, all existing IAQG Authenticated Auditors (AAs) and Authenticated Experienced Auditors (AEAs) must successfully complete this IAQG mandated 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022 Aerospace Auditor Delta Training (the Requirements Training and Final Examination) "within 12 months of the date training release[s] in an applicable IAQG supported language."  Successful completion includes passing the Online Examination and any related retakes by the deadline.  Upon successful completion, AAs/AEAs must provide the related certificate issued by the IAQG Training website to their Auditor Authentication Body (AAB).

Exam Results Release Process

Upon completion of the final examination (or any retake examination) your Remote Proctor video and audio footage will be subject to review by authorized proctor personnel to verify compliance with all examination condition rules and guidelines.  This review process may take up to two weeks.  Assuming no issues were found in the review process, your results will be released in the order received, and you will be notified by email once available.

During the initial release of this examination in any given language, results will be held for an additional initial period of three to four weeks to verify aggregate auditor performance and make any needed adjustments to the questions and scoring prior to the announcement of results.  After this mandatory hold period, exams will be queued for review and processing in the order received, which may take up to two weeks (as noted above).  Therefore, if you complete the exams within the first week of training release in a given language, you can expect to wait between up to six weeks to receive your results.
While your exams are queued for review or processing, IAQG Training Support staff will not be able to provide any further details about your scoring results or the exact timing for release.  Please wait until after the scheduled wait period before contacting Support for follow-up.
In the event that an area of concern is found during proctor footage review, the situation will reviewed by relevant IAQG ICOT and AAB personnel.  This review process may take additional time beyond what is listed above.  Any policy violation determination, along with any related consequences, will be at the sole discretion of authorized IAQG ICOT and AAB officials, and could include temporary or permanent suspension from the ICOP scheme.


Those who pass will receive a certificate of successful completion that satisfies the mandatory update training requirement for 9104-1:2022 and 9101:2022, and is recognized by the IAQG Certification Oversight Team as 4 hours of Continual Professional Development (CPD) credit.