Advanced Integrated Core Tools Auditing

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Course Description

In this 1 day advanced course for internal auditors we focus on the improvement of both effectiveness and efficiency in auditing core tools. For this course it is assumed you have a basic understanding of core tools and some experience auditing, because this will focus on the interconnectedness of the tools and their application in creating meaningful audits in a short amount of time. This is a deep dive, fast paced, application course that operates at a level above mere familiarization with the core tools. This course is the perfect fit for:

  • Auditors that have been auditing a while, want to improve but are not sure how
  • Auditors that have been auditing, but the audits have been failing to produce meaningful results
  • Auditors that are responsible for other auditors in their organization that want to see a performance improvement
  • Auditors that would like a refresher with a focus on application rather than academics

To accomplish this we have stripped away the basics and focus on the connections and the interactions

  • Focusing on INTEGRATION, not ISOLATION so that you can audit faster and more effectively
  • Giving you proven PRIORITIZATION strategies so that you know you are following trails of value
  • Exploring higher level constructs to increase efficiency of the core tools audits

It is encouraged that you have a basics core tools understanding, as this is an advanced technique level course.

Course Details


1 Day (8 Hours)


A basic understanding of Core Tools.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the connections that exist between the core tools
  • Understand the interdependencies of the core tools and the cause-and-effect relationship
  • Identify the failure points inside of the linkages between these tools
  • Apply the linkages to solve a real world problem

Who Should Attend

  • Internal auditors that have some core tools knowledge
  • Internal auditors that are mentoring other auditors in their organizations
  • Quality Managers looking to strengthen their QMS auditing program


  • Core tools Landscape
  • Core tools dependency mapping
  • Prioritization
  • Auditing Application
  • Reflection and Gap assessment