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AIAG Advanced Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

Apply and interpret the concepts and benefits of specifying and dimensioning products using functional quotation, tolerance of form, and position.

In this two-day training participants will construct a clear understanding of the existing paradox within the industry: "Why is this part characteristic non-conforming to the specification but the part mounts still function well in the product?" or "Why is the part within the specification, but doesn't mount or work properly with the customer?"

Throughout the course, each participant will have conditions to interpret and dimensions to specify using functional quotation and tolerances of form and position.


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Course Details


2 Days


Knowledge of reading and interpretation of basic drawing (drawing on sights and cuts).

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the structure and intent of ASME Y14.5 2009
  • Apply the symbology attached to the 2009 version
  • Apply the advanced concepts to the activities provided
  • Apply the technique to new prints

Who Should Attend

  • Personnel from areas of product engineering, industrial engineering, and other quality personnel
  • Quality and layout personnel and support staff who must communicate with engineering and manufacturing, as well as laboratory technicians who must perform gauging to layouts


Day 1

  • Introduction and Overview
  • General Review Concepts
  • Applying GD&T to drawings
  • Standard changes and additions
  • Changes to Features
  • Changed Symbology 
  • New Symbols for Frames


  • Datum
  • Datum Construction and Interpretation Applications
  • Datum Types/Components/Modifiers

Day 2

  • Tolerance of Form w/ Applications
  • Tolerance of Orientation
  • Tolerance of Profile w/ Applications
  • Tolerance of Runout w/ Applications
  • Tolerance of Location w/ Applications


  • Tolerance of Location Continued
  • Fixed and Floating Fasteners
  • Print Applications and Interpretation