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AIAG SPC Certification Exam

Certification by AIAG in SPC confirms an individual’s proficiency in statistical process control techniques as defined in the SPC reference manual. The individual is able to apply and communicate them, and as a result, can successfully support the monitoring and improvement of manufacturing processes.  Please note that the participant has seven days after the exam period’s start date to complete the exam.  Attention should be paid to the start date, as the participant may not have a full seven days to complete the exam (if starting after the session start date).

Upon successfully completing the exam, & a Certificate of Certification will be issued and is valid for three (3) years.

Certification Exam

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Participants have seven days after the exam period's start date to complete the exam.






Participants should have a working knowledge and application of SPC principles and techniques.

Who Should Attend

Employees wishing to demonstrate their competency in Statistical Processes Control methodologies