AIAG & VDA FMEA • Virtual Seminar Replay

AIAG & VDA Foundation & Family PFMEA Fundamentals – Virtual Seminar Replay

In this Virtual Seminar Replay from the FMEA Bootcamp 2.0 series, we will cover definitions and practical application for creating Foundation and Family PFMEAs. Learn the fundamentals of Foundation and Family PFMEAs according to the AIAG & VDA methodology, how these two FMEAs differ, and how to sort the information from each to form a strategy. You’ll get to take a look at real examples from Plexus FMEA Implementation experts, as well as 3 actionable techniques that you can use immediately when you return to your facility. Lastly, we’ll cover the sustainability of the foundation and family structure to help your organization hold on to lessons learned.

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Virtual Seminar Replay

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  • Seminar presentation slides (online access only). Access expires after 90 days
  • Digital download of information and concepts from the seminar

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of, and differences between, Foundation and Family Process FMEA according to the AIAG & VDA FMEA methodology
  • Understand how to sort the information from Foundation and Family FMEAs to form a strategy in a practical application
  • Gain three actionable techniques you can use back at your facility

Who Should Attend

Recommended for Core Process FMEA Team to include process/manufacturing engineers, ergonomic engineers, process validation engineers, quality/reliability engineers, project managers, FMEA moderators/facilitators, auditors, and other roles with a background and experience with AIAG Process FMEA.


  • Foundation & Family FMEA Key Concepts and Definitions  
  • What is a Foundation FMEA and how is it different from a Family FMEA?  
  • Linkage to the 7-Step Process   
  • Creating Foundation & Family PFMEAs  
  • Different approaches organizations can take to develop these FMEAs  
  • How to utilize the best fit approach vs. the perfect approach   
  • Managing the Feedback Loop in Foundation FMEA  
  • Integration into the organization’s business system   
  • Using the organizational knowledge piece in FMEA   

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