AIAG & VDA FMEA • Virtual Seminar Replay

AIAG & VDA Process FMEA: Fundamentals Overview – Virtual Seminar Replay

This Virtual Seminar Replay covers the Process FMEA fundamentals based on AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook. Participants will learn how to describe, in depth, each step in the 7-step approach to Process FMEA implementation, as well as the type of information that should be entered into each column of the AIAG & VDA PFMEA form.

What are Virtual Seminar Replays?

Virtual Seminar Replays provide participants unlimited viewing of online, instructor-led training for 90 days. These trainings explore fundamental concepts to build foundational knowledge in the subject matter area. Participants will watch instructor-led training modules, test their understanding with knowledge check quiz questions, and receive .3 CEUs and a certificate upon completion. Participants also receive supplemental digital learning materials.

Virtual Seminar Replay

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Course Details


2 hours with unlimited viewing for 90 days




  • Seminar presentation slides (online access only). Access expires after 90 days
  • Digital download of information and concepts from the seminar

Learning Objectives

  • Describe Process FMEA fundamentals
  • Describe how the 7-Step approach can be used to enhance robustness of Process FMEAs
  • Describe the type of information that should be entered in each PFMEA form column (Steps 2 to 6)

Who Should Attend

Recommended for Core Process FMEA Team to include process/manufacturing engineers, ergonomic engineers, process validation engineers, quality/reliability engineers, project managers, FMEA moderators/facilitators, auditors, and other roles with a background and experience with AIAG Process FMEA.


  • Process FMEA fundamentals
  • 7 Step approach applied to Process FMEA implementation according to AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook
  • AIAG & VDA Process FMEA form review

Delivery Details

Participants have unlimited access and views of the Virtual Seminar Replay for 90 days. After 90 days, access to the VSR as well as the seminar presentation slides expires. Participants will still have access to their digital download. Any notes or annotations made on the presentation slides will persist after expiration, and participants can access their notes again if they repurchase. VSRs include instructor-led training and examples from industry experts, as well as knowledge check questions throughout to measure understanding of the subject.


Participants receive .3 CUEs and a certificate upon completion.