Problem solving and error proofing • Live Virtual Workshop

Effective Problem Solving: Executive Understanding

The objective of this workshop is to assist Executives to effectively oversee the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of the problem-solving process. It includes an overview of the problem-solving process according to AIAG CQI-20 2nd edition (the 9 recommended steps to achieve a successful problem-solving event, similar to 8D methodology). 

Note: This workshop does not include a review of problem-solving tools. 

Live Virtual Workshop

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Course Details


4 Hours




Learning Objectives

  • Describe the foundations for effective Problem Solving
  • Describe CQI-20 2nd edition 9 Steps for effective Problem Solving
  • Identify and take actions to address inhibitors to effective problem resolution

Who Should Attend

Designed for Executives (Directors and Managers) that oversee the application of the problem solving process.

Course Outline

  • Problem solving at a glance
    Problem solving foundations
    Overview of the 9-Step Problem Solving process
    • Step 1. Becoming aware of the problem
    • Step 2. Establish the team
    • Step 3. Describe the problem
    • Step 4. Contain symptoms
    • Step 5. Establish root cause(s)
    • Step 6. Select and test corrective actions
    • Step 7. Implement corrective actions
    • Step 8. Prevent reocurrence
    • Step 9. Recognize team success
  • Inhibitors to effective problem resolution

Delivery Details

Combining the best of online and traditional face-to-face learning, Live Virtual Workshops use web-based teleconferencing technologies to bring your team together with our experienced instructors in an interactive learning environment. We have always believed interactivity, application, and group discussion are critical parts of an effective and sustainable learning experience. To ensure that these values hold true, and every participant can build the same caliber of knowledge, each workshop includes the following Live Virtual functionality and features:
  • Trainers & Moderators: For every session, both trainers and moderators will be present and accessible to ensure optimal interaction for each participant, upholding the intimacy of a face-to-face training. Participants can use chat and “raise hand” features, speak directly to trainers, moderators, and other participants, and share their screen all in real-time.
  • Exercises & Break-out Rooms: Throughout the session, participants will be assigned to teams and split into team breakout rooms to privately complete group activities and discussions, then return to the larger group to present. There will also be quizzes (polls) throughout to measure knowledge retention throughout the units.
  • Digital Learning Package & Shipped Materials: Depending on the course, participants may be mailed a hardcopy of the Participant Training Book and/or receive a digital learning package complete with training handouts, case studies, digital workbooks, and a virtual platform user-guide.
  • Technical Support & Resources: New to Live Virtual Training and Consulting technology? We’ve prepared resources and a user guide to help you navigate the Zoom Live Virtual conferencing technology and will have live support on-hand just in case you need a little extra help. We'll also allow you to join the session 30 minutes earlier and a moderator will guide you in experiencing the key functionalities and features used in the virtual platform.