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AIAG Poka Yoke: Error Proofing for Zero Defects

An overview of the Poka Yoke Error Proofing System for developing a Zero Defects strategy in industrial applications.

The workshop will provide an introduction to the system and its toolbox to assist the participants in the development and implementation of a Zero Defects Based Culture. It will provide a series of defined activities and applications for its use as a process. The workshop is generic in nature and is keyed for an 8-hour exploratory approach.

Note: A second day of proscribed activities is available. On the second day, the organization will identify several areas of concern that then will be developed specific to your organization, under supervision, using the Poka Yoke Strategies.

Enrollment Options

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Course Details


1 Day



Learning Objectives

  • Identify Poka Yoke strategies
  • Define Zero Defect Quality Control
  • List and Identify the Three Elements of Zero Defects Quality Control
  • Initiate the implementation process
  • Identify where Poka Yokes are needed
  • Detect abnormalities as they occur
  • Demonstrate an understanding as to why traditional Quality Tools do not respond quickly enough
  • Develop an implementation process to ensure quicker response to problems

Who Should Attend

Production and Quality Managers, Engineer Personnel, Continual Improvement Coordinators, and Internal Auditors


Day 1

  • Orientation to Poka Yoke and ZQC (Zero Quality Control) principles
  • Errors and Mistakes
  • Poka Yoke functions and devices
  • Poka Yoke and ZQC implementation strategies
  • Case Studies and application exercises for the implementation of ZQC using Poka Yoke Strategies
  • Defining implementation strategies through application exercises
  • Review and Wrap-up

Day 2 (Optional):

Work-Based Poka Yoke assignments

  • Review and Selection of Process/Activity for applying Poka Yoke Strategies
  • Establishing team and timelines for defined projects
  • Development of implementation strategies