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Taking Effective Correction Action: Using the 8-D Approach

Apply the 8-D model to determine, plan, verify, and document corrective actions.

In this two-day training you will be introduced to planning for improvement using easily understood and implemented tools that will result in positive, innovative, and effective actions. The tools include the questioning technique that establishes a method by which various teams with diverse backgrounds can determine which planning steps are necessary and will result in positive actions. The 8-D approach assists teams in ensuring that all necessary steps are addressed and that an efficient and consistent communication of the results of the team activity is made.

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Course Details


2 Days



Learning Objectives

  • Define the 8-D Approach
  • Organize an 8-D Team for the 8-D
  • Evaluate the differences between good and bad corrective actions
  • Identify Corrective Action
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply questioning technique skills
  • Develop and congratulate the teams
  • Identify specific performance and abilities

Who Should Attend

Internal auditors, managers and floor supervisors, quality related personnel, and anyone who wants to incorporate the use of the 8-D process into their corrective action and continual improvement programs.


Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Corrective Action
  • The Questioning Technique
  • The 8-D Approach – A general description

Day 2

  • Practical exercises
  • Congratulating the team
  • The 8-D Approach – Specific Performance