AS9100/9110/9120 • In-Person Workshop

Transitioning to AS9100D

Prepare your organization for the transition to AS9100D.

This two-day training focuses on an in-depth review of the changes from AS9100C to AS9100D, and the impact the changes will have on your organization. This training program provides participants with the necessary knowledge to support their organization in achieving compliance to AS9100D. It is designed for experienced members of an AS9100 implementation team, internal auditors, supplier auditors, lead auditors, and other key individuals involved in transitioning the organization’s QMS from AS9100C to AS9100D.

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Course Details


2 Days


Basic knowledge of AS9100C

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of the Quality Management Principles and what principles changed
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirement changes from AS9100C to AS9100D, including changes inherited from ISO 9001:2015
  • Explain the deltas between the requirements of AS9100C and AS9100D
  • Evaluate the current state of your QMS against the requirements of AS9100D
  • Assess the level of complexity of transitioning to AS9100D and develop a consistent plan for the transition
  • Determine potential strategies and actions to ensure effective implementation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how risk-based thinking supports and improves the understanding and application of the process approach
  • Develop the framework of an action plan to support to transition to AS9100D
  • Organize documentation according to AS9100D to demonstrate effective planning, operation, and control of processes

Who Should Attend

This training program is designed for quality professionals in the Aviation, Space and Defense industries who are:

  • Experienced members of an AS9100 implementation team
  • Experienced AS9100 internal auditors, supplier auditors, audit team leaders and lead auditors
  • Experienced representatives from key functional groups involved in an organization’s AS9100 quality management system


Day 1

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Quality Management Principles
  • Process Approach and Risked-Based Thinking
  • AS9100D Comparison to AS9100C

Day 2

  • AS9100D Comparison to AS9100C (continued)