What Plexus Offers
the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain

Plexus is a leader in providing training, consulting, integrated qualification & assessment programs, and software & application development services to industry associations, Tier 1s and OEMs, supplier organizations and other levels of the global manufacturing supply chain.

checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Management Systems Implementation
checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Management Systems Integration
checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Systems & Standards Gap Analysis
checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Auditor Qualification
checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Product Development Process Improvement
checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Customer-Specific Requirements Implementation
checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Specialized & Custom Training Solutions
checkmark-circled-plexus-blue.png  Outsourced Auditing (1st & 2nd Party)


Training Workshops & Programs

We've developed over 150 training programs for industry leaders and oversight bodies within the Aerospace and Automotive manufacturing industries, as well as others including customers like the International Automotive Oversight Bureau (IAOB), the International Aerospace Quality Committee (IAQG) and many more.

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Virtual Learning Academy

Combining the best of online and traditional face-to-face training, the Virtual Learning Academy hosts a variety of online and live virtual courses to bring your team together with our top instructors and industry expertise in an interactive environment making it easy to fit training into your team's schedule and buget.

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Consulting & Coaching

We help organization improve systems and processes for standard compliance, and assist with implementation of the AIAG Core Tools and other methodologies to increase supply chain operations efficiency. Our unique style of consulting ensures the solution we deliver is sustainable long after we've completed our service.

Areas of Expertise


Software & Application Development

We help organizations qualify, develop, train, and assess their employees and members through custom software and applications developed by our in-house team of experts. Learn more about the Plexus Platform features, our past work and ever-expanding capabilities.

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Integrated Qualification Programs

We carefully design integrated qualification programs that blend instructor-led and online components with competency-based qualification assessments, while utilizing an online platform for the creation, translation, and global delivery of program content to standardize how individuals are trained, assessed, and qualified.

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Partner with Plexus International

Take the first step to sustainable improvement within your organization or supply chain.

Step 1

Connect with Plexus. We'll carefully assess the unique needs of your organization, its underlying business goals, as well as desired outcomes.

 Step 2

Together we'll determine a sustainable plan of action that is tailored to fit your full scope of needs within an established budget and timeline.

Step 3

Put the plan into action. You'll work alongside our qualified industry professionals to achieve your goal with a seamless knowledge transfer.

Step 4

You'll leverage your new tools and skills to continue to manage and improve long after the completion of our initial services. Sustainability starts with Plexus.

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