Sustainable solutions to help your organization maximize learning opportunities, improve global consistency and reduce cost.

Many of the world’s leading associations and oversight bodies have partnered with Plexus to design and deploy professional development program services to standardize how individuals are trained, assessed, and qualified. Our talented team consists of content experts, learning and assessment design specialists, and software application technologists, leveraging our full scope of services to create an integrated solution that meets the needs of all relevant participants and stakeholders.

Over the past decade, our team has successfully deployed several personnel qualification program that blended classroom and online components to maximize learning opportunities, improve global consistency, and reduce cost.

Our Integrated Qualification Capabilities

Learning & Assessment Content
Design, Development & Delivery

  • Global team of content developers, learning designers, and translation specialists to collaborate with your team
  • Blended classroom and online training curriculum, based on the Plexus Learning Model
  • Online assessments that measure performance aligned to learning objectives and competency criteria
  • Classroom training delivery around the world by qualified Plexus International Partners

Technology and Software
Application Development​​​​

  • Online platform for development, translation, and global deployment of online training and assessments across numerous languages
  • Translation management system to ensure alignment and consistency across deployment languages
  • Integrated online payment, scheduling, and subscription management systems for training and assessment sessions
  • Webcam-based “Remote Proctor” solution to support remote (virtual) assessment delivery in a secure environment


Partner with Plexus International

Step #1

Connect with Plexus and we'll carefully assess the unique needs of your organization, its current state, and consider underlying business goals and desired outcomes.

Step # 2

Together we'll determine a sustainable plan of action of our services tailored to fit your full scope of needs within an established budget and timeline.

Step #3

Next we'll put our plan into action. You'll work alongside our qualified industry professionals to achieve your business goals and desired outcomes with a seamless knowledge transfer.

Step #4

Finally, you'll leverage your new tools and skills to continue to manage and improve long after the completion of our initial services. Sustainability starts with Plexus.