About Live Virtual Training

Combining the best of online and traditional face-to-face workshops, Live Virtual Training uses web-based teleconferencing technologies to bring your team together with our top instructors in an interactive learning environment. Live Virtual Training leverages a project-based approach to maximize the benefit and content retention to your organization. With fewer hours a day, our virtual classes make it easy to fit training into your schedule at a time that's right for you without having to leave the office.


Starting at:
$2,995 1-5 attendees
Up to 4 hours (includes a 1 hour Q&A)

+$50 per additional attendee
Up to a maximum of 15 total attendees

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Live Virtual Training Workshops from Plexus


Process FMEA and Control Plan Linkages

Learn to describe the type of information that should be entered in each Control Plan column. Create a complete Control Plan using information gathered from performing a Process FMEA, and evaluate the consistency
of Control Plan application cases.

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Design FMEA and Process FMEA Linkages

Learn to describe the importance of Design FMEA (DFMEA) and Process FMEA (PFMEA) linkages, create a PFMEA using information gathered from performing a DFMEA, and evaluate the consistency of DFMEA and PFMEA linkages.

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FMEA & Cost of Quality (COQ) Analysis

Learn to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your PFMEA through connection to the Cost of Quality (COQ). Using the FMEA & Cost of Quality (COQ) Analysis Tool™ you'll assess the feasibility of future risk mitigation efforts from a cost perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Live Virtual Training? Live Virtual Training is taught by experienced Plexus Trainers in an interactive WebEx environment, providing the same interactive and collaborative experience as in-person classroom training. Live Virtual programs consist of two parts:

Part 1: Overview

  • Led by Plexus Trainer/Coach to provide an overview of topics included in the selected module(s).  
  • Pilot Implementation Project (Variable): Your team will apply learning from Part 1 to the selected mini pilot project. The results will be presented during the next Live Virtual session. 

Part 2: Pilot Project Presentation

  • Led by your team to present the pilot implementation project. A Plexus Trainer/Coach will review and provide feedback and coaching.
  • Scheduled 30 or more days after Part 1.

Can I interact with the instructor? Yes! Just like in-person classes, participants are encouraged to actively learn by asking and answering questions. After Part 1 participants will leave with a pilot project assignment. During part 2, participants will present their projects and receive feedback and guidance from the instructor. Instructors will assess knowledge, check for learning, and keep students engaged.

Who should take Live Virtual Training? Our Live Virtual Training is developed to meet the needs of entire implementation teams. Whether you're a facilitator, practitioner, auditor or part of management, modules are tailored to fit the needs of your organization. Live Virtual Training workshops are designed for convenience, efficiency and effectiveness. For those who can't afford to be away from the office due to cost, location or time constraints, Live Virtual Training is an excellent option.

I need to train my team, but they sit in offices across the world. We offer Live Virtual onsite training to accommodate nationally and internationally-dispersed teams.