Plexus designs and deploys full-service, custom solutions to support global initiatives with web-based applications and technologies that transform the way industry professionals work, learn, and are assessed.

The Plexus Platform

The Plexus Platform is a web-based, end-to-end solution supporting all training, assessment and certification scenarios. Using the latest web standards, technologies, and trends, the platform is highly adaptable and customizable to meet unique organizational needs. Some of the Plexus Platform’s large feature set includes:

  • Registration
  • Single Sign-On
  • Website content management
  • Online storefront
  • Invoicing and online payment
  • Event scheduling
  • Online training and assessment
  • Blended (classroom and online) training and examinations
  • Proctoring support (human or remote)
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Full translation support
  • Finance compliance scanning
  • Robust administrative reporting capabilities
  • Much more

Assessment Designer

The Plexus Platform Assessment Designer is a web-based learning content management system designed to facilitate the development, translation, deployment, and ongoing lifecycle management of online assessments and training (eLearning).  The software supports the following key principles:

  • Content Reusability and Customization
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Translation Speed/Efficiency
  • Translation Alignment/Consistency
  • Change Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Collaborative Development
  • Stakeholder Involvement

The Assessment Designer also allows importing training and quiz content developed in any existing Learning Content Management System through compatibility with the TinCan xAPI protocol.  Have our Plexus Learning Architects work with your organization to design in-depth application-based online training and assessments that provide valuable insights into your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Our Work

Plexus International has developed a wide range of client-focused custom software solutions, including to support the training of industry professionals in Management System Standards (MSS) and the AIAG Core Tools, to manage QMS and process-based business systems, and to orchestrate the end-to-end workflow of multiple global auditor certification programs.

Our objective is to provide systems and interfaces that best support all stakeholders, helping them keep a clear “line of sight” to their in-process customers and to the ultimate end-customers. Our work with the Standard Writing Teams, SMEs, TPABs, TPs, OPMT, Auditors, Accreditation Bodies, OEMs, and Primes provides Plexus with a unique understanding of process flows throughout the entire supply chain.

What makes Plexus unique?

Plexus’s software development process is driven by our Learning Model and begins by working closely with your team to identify underlying business processes and overarching business goals. This allows us to take a wider view of the problem, and to identify opportunities for improvement and efficiencies that often go far beyond the specific initial request.  We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term customer relationships and working together to grow and evolve the solution as business needs change.

Our in-house development team based in London, Ontario, Canada, has over 100 years of combined experience in building complex, custom web-based database applications to support customer needs, and can leverage our existing (and ever-expanding) toolkit or create custom solutions. This combined with our global partner network allows us to localize and rapidly deploy and support solutions on an international, multilingual basis.