Our Capabilities

Plexus International works with industry leaders, Tier 1s and OEMs, supplier organizations and other levels of the global manufacturing supply chain to provide anything from training workshops and consulting, customized professional development programs and assessment, and software and application development services to improve your organization's processes and ease of knowledge transfer. Learn more about our services.


What we do for Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Organizations


Management Systems Implementation & Integration

Gap Anaysis

Program Management

Auditor Qualification

Outsourced Auditing
(1st & 2nd Party)


Specialized & Custom
Training Solutions

Requirements Implementation

Product Development
Process Improvement



Ready to Partner with Plexus?

Step #1

Connect with a Plexus representative and we'll carefully assess the unique needs of your organization, its current state,
and consider underlying business goals and desired outcomes.

Step # 2

Together we'll determine a sustainable plan of action
of our services tailored to fit
your organization's full scope of needs within an established budget and timeline.

Step #3

Next we'll put our plan into action. You'll work alongside our qualified industry professionals to achieve your business goals and desired outcomes with a seamless knowledge transfer.

Step #4

Finally, you'll leverage your
new tools and skills to continue
to manage and improve long
after the completion of our initial services. Sustainability starts
with Plexus.


Tailored Solutions for Industry Leaders

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