Privacy & Security for Live Virtual Solutions

Maintaining our participants’ privacy and security is paramount while attending a Live Virtual Session. By utilizing best practices and stress-testing our videoconferencing learning environment, we are confident in the delivery of safe, secure, and comprehensive solutions in all topics of training.

Ways to Attend a Live Virtual Session

Depending on any possible restrictions your IT department may have, there are options for how you can join your session. Here are three approaches to enroll in Plexus video conferencing training. Discuss with your IT department to see what way is preferred by your organization.

NOTE: For private sessions with just your organization, we are available and happy to discuss an alternative solution whatever your situation may be.

Download Zoom Desktop Client + sign in/create Zoom account

  • Easy to enroll
  • Save sign-in information
  • Sync with calendar
  • Full session functionality

Download Zoom Desktop Client

  • Full session functionality
  • No need to sign in/create an account

Use your web browser to join the session

  • No need to download any plugins or software
  • Full session functionality in Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers
  • Session functionality may be limited in certain web browsers. to view session functionality by browser, click here.

Enterprise Solutions

Interested in Live Virtul Solutions within your organization? For Enterprise solutions to Zoom, or for more information for your IT support team, please visit to learn more.

How is Plexus maintaining privacy and security in every Live Virtual session?

Below are the steps Plexus takes to mitigate common risks using videoconferencing applications, as well as establishing internal best practices for our Trainers and Moderators to continue to deliver world-class training and consulting solutions:

AES 256-bit Encryption
Increased protection of meeting data in transit, and resistance against tampering – providing confidentiality and integrity assurances to any Zoom session.

Disabled File Transfer
Hosts and participants are unable to send files through the in-meeting chat. All necessary document for training will be delivered prior to the session.

Single-use, Random Meeting IDs
To protect the security and privacy of each session, links to any sessions will never be shared to unauthorized individuals. For group sessions, prior authorization is required.

Password Protected Sessions
A password will be generated for participants and is required for joining the session. Password required for participants joining by phone – A numeric password will be required for participants joining by phone. For sessions with an alphanumeric password, a numeric version will be generated.

Waiting Rooms
Attendees cannot join a meeting until a host admits them individually from the waiting room – please wipe your feet at the door.

User Authentication
No last-minute access to the session will be permitted. All users are authenticated beforehand by a Plexus Admin.

Frequent and Timely Updates
As security patches are deployed by Zoom, Plexus ensures use of only the latest build, checking for and running updates regularly and before every session.

Enabled ‘Join from your Browser’ Functionality
Participants may bypass the Zoom application download process and join a meeting directly from their web browser. This is a method for participants who are unable to download, install, or run applications on their device.

NOTE: Session functionality when joining from the web browser is somewhat limited*, and you will be required to sign up for a Zoom account with your work or personal email address. For more information about the Zoom web client and recommended browser features, visit the link here:

In addition to these security steps, we encourage our participants to let us know about any additional questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help. Let’s talk

How does Plexus ensure your privacy?

We’re well versed in protecting IP and customer data online. Plexus is committed to your privacy and security. Wewill never ask you to share any confidential information, plans, or communication through unsecure channels. Our Live Virtual delivery system is setup to give you and any participant a seamless and the best learning experience possible.

How we’re using ZOOM

After exploring the major global video conferencing solutions (WebEx, GoTo Training, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, etc.) against defined criteria and requirements established to ensure a robust and effective delivery of Live Virtual services, we have chosen Zoom as the preferred platform for Live Virtual service delivery. Below are the features and functions of the service participants can expect:

  • Polls–used for icebreakers, knowledge checks, and to gather consensus surrounding how the training subject matter applies within each participants organization.
  • Breakout sessions–allow for peer-to-peer group activity work for enhanced collaboration andlearning application.
  • Screen sharing–allows participants to easily follow along while the trainer progresses through the training, plus participants to share their teams work following breakout room activities.
  • Real attendee engagement–for Live Virtual Workshops, we require all participants to have their webcam turned on so trainers may verify and ensure the learner is focused, engaged, and grasping the learning concepts.In this way, we can closely simulate a face-to-face session and help every participant get the most out of the session.
  • Whiteboard–The trainer will utilize the whiteboard function to demonstrate activities and concepts to participants

Data Privacy

To the full extent possible, Plexus has implemented appropriate safeguards to ensure your personal data is collected only to the extent necessary to provide the product/services you request or require of us, and to reduce any personal risk to you in the unlikely event of a data breach. To read the full Plexus Privacy Policy, click here.

To learn about Zoom’s privacy policy and data collection practices, please visit

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