Essentials for Transitioning to AS9120B eLearning

This program examines the key changes from AS9120A to AS9120B.

It is designed for experienced implementation team members, auditors, and other key individuals involved in transitioning the organization’s QMS from AS9120A to AS9120B. The program includes a training module followed by a comprehensive review quiz. You must achieve 70% or greater on the quiz to successfully complete the course (see "Program Overview" section for more information).

NOTE: If you are an authenticated aerospace auditor and/or have previously completed the IAQG-sanctioned AATT, please enroll in the IAQG-sanctioned 91xx:2016 Online Update Component through the IAQG Training Platform.

Course Details


3 - 4+ Hours


Knowledge of AS9120A

Program Overview

Essentials for Transitioning to AS9120B eLearning (2-3 hours)

This training will help you explore some of the key areas that changed in the 9120:2016 standard, focusing on three key questions:

  • What changed?
  • Why was it changed?
  • What does it mean to me as an auditor?

Essentials for Transitioning to AS9120B Quiz (30 minutes)

  • The Essentials for Transitioning to AS9120B Quiz is a 30-minute, 20 question knowledge quiz that evaluates whether you understood the contents of the Essentials for Transitioning to AS9120B eLearning.
  • You must achieve a score of 70% to pass the assessment.

NOTE: If you do not achieve the required passing score, you will be required to complete a retake. One retake is included at no charge in the initial enrollment package.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of ISO 9001:2015 concept changes needed to understand the AS9120B standard
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key AS&D changes from AS9120A to AS9120B
  • Explain the deltas between the requirements of AS9120A and AS9120B

Who Should Attend

This training program is designed for quality professionals in the Aviation, Space and Defense industries who are:

  • Experienced members of an AS9120A implementation team
  • Experienced representatives from key functional groups involved in an organization’s AS9120 quality management system


To receive your certificate for the course, you must successfully complete the Essentials for Transitioning to AS9120B Quiz (70% or greater).