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Using Baseline FMEAs to Standardize the Identification of Special Characteristics

Special Characteristics are a key component of any deployment, however balancing the different hand-offs between various Core Tools like Design and Process FMEA, and the Control Plan, can easily cause confusion for both the engineering team and the customer receiving the product. In this workshop, come to an understanding of a simple way how these characteristics are generated and flowed down, and the detail in controlling the interaction. Furthermore, learn to use Foundation and Family FMEA methodology to make sure that you do not have to do this work countless times for every project.

Designed for the experienced practitioner, this workshop will take you full circle through the generation of these characteristics in the Design FMEA and follow the flow completely from initiation to implementation at the Work Instruction and form level.

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4 Hours


Working knowledge of Design FMEA and other Core Tools

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of linkage from DFMEA functional generation to floor level implementation
  • Understand how the foundation and family structure can support efficient creation
  • Identify various ways the process goes awry, and how you can recover if it happens

Who Should Attend

  • Program leaders overseeing the creation of these documents
  • Technical professionals creating the PFMEA / DFMEA
  • Technical experts responsible for the foundation/ family structure at the facility


  • Where do Special Characteristics originate
  • The flow of Special Characteristics in the Design FMEA
  • Flowing Special Characteristics from Design to Process FMEA
  • Flowing Special Characteristics to the floor level operations
  • Best practices for the flow down of Special Characteristics