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AIAG CQI-23 Molding Assessment – Application with Integration into your QMS

This 2-day workshop provides the tools and understanding of the requirements of the CQI-23 “Special Process: Molding”. Learn how to use the CQI and integrate it into your existing Quality Management System (QMS) to develop an awareness of how to apply the CQI into your or your supplier’s organization. An overview of Process Tables to be used during any CQI-23 audit will be provided. Participants will engage in group activities and exercises in the classroom in addition to reviewing case studies to simulate the Molding Process.

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Course Details


2 Days


  • Working knowledge of the technical aspects of the organizations molding operations  
  • Working knowledge of the QMS for the organization under consideration  
  • Working knowledge of core tools, including FMEA, MSA and SPC at a minimum  
  • Experience Auditing to the IATF (system and process audits) 


  1. Be an experienced internal Quality Management System auditor (based, for example, on IATF 16949 or ISO 9001) 
  2. The auditor must have knowledge in Molding processes. Evidence must include a minimum of 5 years of Molding experience or a combination of an engineering education and Molding experience, totaling a minimum of 5 years 
  3. Auditor must have knowledge and be familiar with the application of Automotive Core Tools, including CEP, MSA, FMEA and APQP/PPAP 

Learning Objectives

  • Ensure the correct interpretation of the requirements of the CQI-23 "Special Process: Molding" 
  • Understand how the CQI-23 integrates into your existing QMS  
  • Develop an awareness of how you can apply CQI-23 to your own organization or a supplier’s organization  
  • Understand the essential requirements of CQI-23 and identify possible ways of proving you (or your supplier) achieved it (evidence) 
  • Guide internal auditors on the main aspects associated with a CQI audit for special processes 
  • Overview of 8 Process Tables to be used and evaluated during the CQI-23 audit 
  • Participate in Group activities, and exercises in the classroom, beside a Case Study through the simulation of a Molding process 
  • Discussion of potential nonconformities and applicable corrective actions identified in an audit of CQI-23 

Who Should Attend

  • Technical experts that will be carrying out the CQI Assessment  
  • Supplier Auditors that will be performing the CQI assessments on behalf of their company  
  • Internal Auditors whose Customer Specific Requirements mandate the use of the Assessment 
  • Quality professionals tasked with implementing the CQI 23 within their organization 


Day 1  

  • What is a CQI and where does it fit within the QMS  
  • How is the CQI structured  
  • What are the ACTUAL requirements?  
  • WSA – The Molding system assessment 

Day 2  

  • Process Specific tables 
  • Planning for Stability  
  • Closure