Improving Organizational Performance with the Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model (AIMM)

What is AIMM?

Discover the Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model (AIMM)

The AIMM Web application is provided by the IAQG to help organizations move beyond compliance to the 9100 standard and improve the maturity of their Quality Management System (QMS). Using AIMM, an organization can evaluate its current level of maturity and set clear targets for improvement. AIMM can be successfully used by certified or non-certified organizations, either for the entire scope of a 9100 compliant QMS or specific areas of interest.

Improving Organizational Performance Using AIMM

Gain the tools to close the gap between QMS certification and organizational performance. Help expose risks in your supply chain through deployment of the AIMM tool and learn what AIMM is and how your organization can implement.