AIAG & VDA FMEA • Live Virtual Workshop

Reverse FMEA for Practitioners - Live Virtual Workshop

Reverse FMEA is becoming a new requirement mandated by many OEM’s, and appearing in more Supplier Quality Assurance documents. What is it, and more importantly how do I do a Reverse FMEA with all the other checks audits, and details we have to do on a program by program basis?

This 1-day workshop will walk through the fundamentals of Reverse FMEA, giving you a sound foundation for what the methodology is, and demystify the Reverse FMEA process by showing you that many of the things included in the Reverse FMEA are already being performed inside your organization, it is just a matter of clearly identifying what the methodology is asking you to do.

After we become clear on what the methodology is asking you to do, we will dive into the HOW, and step-by-step complete a Reverse FMEA looking at the activity through the lens of a Process Audit –a very common practice in all manufacturing worlds.

Through connection of the details around the method and the application to your everyday tasks –you will have a sound strategy moving forward to meet the obligation without burdening your organization with additional workload.

Enrollment Options

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Course Details

Course Length

1-day Live Virtual Workshop

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the actual requirements for a Reverse FMEA
  • Implement Reverse FMEA into their organization’s existing QMS
  • Perform a Reverse FMEA through performance of a Process Audit
  • List best practices for Reverse FMEA
  • Drive performance in the Reverse FMEA activity consistent with Cost of Quality (CoQ) performance

Who Should Attend

Audit program managers, Project managers for customers requiring Reverse FMEA, Auditors currently auditing in their organization, and/or Quality Managers that oversee audits intheir organizations

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Reverse FMEA
  • Where to find the rules and requirements for Reverse FMEA
  • Integration of the Reverse FMEA into existing structures
  • Targeting performance using Reverse FMEA
  • Managing the flow ofinformation derived from Reverse FMEAs
  • Closure and action plan development for integration of Reverse FMEA


Individuals who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.