Required by: GM September 1st, 2024, and Ford December 31st, 2024.

New Versions of APQP and Control Plan are here. We are currently currently scheduling training throughout the year! Not ready for a Private On-Site? Check out our open enrollment trainings developed in partnership with AIAG the experts who created the standards.

APQP and Control Plan are evolving in response to changes in the industry, particularly in relation to technological advancements and vehicle complexity. The updates address increasing demands imposed by higher automation and ultimately autonomous driving, electrification, and the expanding definition of mobility. Decoupling the two documents not only emphasizes the importance of Control Plans in product development, but will facilitate more timely updates as systems evolve.

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APQP Overview

For Awareness and Leadership Commitment

APQP is one of the methods utilized in the automotive space to move a project from concept to launch with the intent of minimizing lead times and start up issues. This tool is also the container for EVERY OTHER core tool in the series. If you are serious about learning core tools, APQP is the place to start your journey.

APQP and Control Plan: Transitioning

Gap Analysis for Experienced APQP Managers and Team Members

Recently APQP has moved into the 3rd edition, and with this change comes additional requirements and modifications inside of the document. While a lot of things have remained the same there are new elements around the managerial aspects of APQP as well as some technical tasks that have either been added or modified.

APQP, Control Plan and PPAP-Understanding and Implementing

In-depth Understanding of APQP for All Team Members

APQP is one of the most high-level Core Tools and a guiding force for other tools like FMEA, MSA and SPC. It is important that your APQP is done correctly. Therefore you’re looking to learn APQP you need to not only UNDERSTAND it but you also need to learn how to IMPLEMENT it; and that is exactly what this three day course does.

Control Plan Understanding and Implementing

Developing Robust Control Plans

Control Plans contain the operational details that your process needs to function, in simple terms the Control Plan is the operational directions for the process. The Control Plan also plays a role in the success of other tools like your FMEA and your SPC, however very few individuals possess the adequate detail and knowledge about this document to make it highly effective as well as efficient.

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