Risk-Based Audit Days: Understanding and Strategizing - Live Virtual Seminar 

In this seminar we discuss a new development in the IATF Rules 5th scheme; the adoption of risk-based audit days added to the audit IF you do not meet customer performance targets. This new addition rolled out in late February 2021 and takes effect mid-year. In this seminar we will fill you in on: 

  • What risk-based audit days are according to the update to Rules 5th, and where to go to the get the facts. 
  • Actionable advice and 3 techniques to augment your metric tracking strategy  
  • 2 ways to fortify your QMS to minimize the impact of this new update 

Lastly, during the final 30 minutes you will get a chance to submit your questions and have them answered live in a Q&A session with industry experts.  

Course Details


2 hours including Q&A

Delivery Details

Session Access 
Join this session by invitation only through the Zoom Webinar technology. Receive an email invitation after payement is completed. Please watch for your invitation from Plexus International at no-reply@zoom.us and join the session through your web browser using the link in your email invitation. 

What are Live Virtual Seminars 
Combining the best of online and traditional face-to-face learning, Live Virtual Seminars use webinar technology to help your team build foundational knowledge with Plexus's experienced instructors in an interactive learning environment. Fit training into your schedule, and budget, from the comfort of your home or office. 

Course Outline

  • What are risk based audit days and who will they affect you
  • How are they calculated ( what triggers them)
  • Where to find them  and what is the impact 
  • How you can set up your audit systems to detect them
  • Alignment of your metrics against he customers perception
  • Utilizing feedback loops in your data anlayis process 
  • Choosing the right metric 
  • MSA for business processes 
  • Knowing your story
  • How to set up your audit system to minimize the chances of risk-based audit days
  • Auditor selection based on action
  • Being able to tell your story ( 3 levels)
  • Alignment of risk based thinking to process performance 
  • What is risk
  • Y=F(x)
  • The role of FMEA in QMS process risk mitigation 
  • Live Q&A

Learning Objectives

  • Identify what Risk-Based Audit days are
  • Understand how they are calculated
  • Explain the impact of Risk-Based Audit days
  • Identify some actionable strategies to try and minimize them

Who Should Attend

Audit Program Managers, Quality Managers, Organizational leaders, Process owners, and Individuals with responsibility for allocating resources to the audit system.